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“I have always installed steel beams when I ran into a bowed wall.  They were inexpensive and seemed to work.  I lost a lot of jobs to a few competitors who were installing a much smaller wall anchor device.  I tried to purchase that product but was turned down because they had enough dealers in my area.  I looked into another system that was a plastic strap glued to the wall.  Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I did not have any faith in that system.  I received some information in the mail about a system called Full-Wall® anchor and we gave it a try.  I have added 40% profit to my jobs using these anchors.  I have two guys that install them - they were skeptics at first but now don’t want to do anything else.  My sales people tell me this anchor system closes the sale for them, especially when the homeowner sees the Full-Wall® anchor compared to the small one for the same price.  The service I get from them has been great and we will stick with them.”

-Dan Christine, Owner

All American Basement – Ohio




“Our company has been using the Full-Wall® anchors very successfully.  My sales people out sell the competition simply because of the obvious.  When we show our customers what the competition has to offer in the small anchors and other questionable fixes and simply ask ‘which one do you think will support your foundation better?’ the answer is always ‘the Full-Wall® anchor.’”

                        -Robert Bollinger

                          Budget Waterproofing – Maryland





“My father started our company in 1939.  We have experience in many types of construction.  We started fixing damaged basement foundations, first with pilasters, then steel beams and various other systems.  We now use the Full-Wall® anchor system in every application we can.  These anchors are made of good quality material and we have never had a problem with service.  It is now easy for us to give our customers a dry basement with a secure wall and the confidence to panel or drywall over the anchors for a finished game room or additional living space.”

                        -Joseph W. Billante

                         J & D Home Improvement, Inc. – Western Pennsylvania

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